Here’s just some of what people say about Remedy Rub massage…


2013 — S.A., Staten Island

I love coming here!


2013 — N.B., Hoboken

I have been wanting to tell you that after our session to work on my forearm -- a few days went by when I felt some typical "post-massage" soreness.  But then it passed, along with any trace of the original pain.  In fact, I completely forgot about it, to the point where now I don't even remember where I felt it!

I thought you should know that the session, therefore, accomplished my objective -- with flying colors!


2013 — F.R., Staten Island

Phenomenal!  I can move again!


2013 — S.C., Staten Island

Wow!  My neck has been giving me so much pain for so long, and I was afraid massage was going to hurt — but it didn't!  I can’t believe there was no pain during the session.

And now, it feels like the ‘rocks’ in my neck are gone!  I slept thru the night for the first time in months!


2013 — L.D., Staten Island

That was profound — I really appreciated the specificity of the work.


2012 — S.F., Staten Island

Feels like my shoulders don’t even exist anymore — they’re so loose!


2012 — M.J., Staten Island

That was great!  I feel relief in my legs for the first time in a long time.  Thank you!


2011 — O.Q., Staten Island

After being restricted and in pain for so long with my right shoulder, I’m amazed how much better it is after Stephanie massaged the area.  I know that such a chronic condition will require maintenance, and I look forward to the ongoing assistance of Stephanie’s surprisingly painless therapeutic work.


2011 — J.C., Sydney Australia

The massage you gave me was tremendous.  I can really see improvement in the motion of my shoulder.  Now, I can do more swimming and Tai Chi. Thank you!


2010 — K.R., Sydney Australia

Stephanie has an excellent manner – thorough, friendly, and professional.  I particularly like that she brings her science background to her hands-on bodywork skills.

My massage sessions concentrated on maintaining a full range of movement in my injured right shoulder, and increasing mobility & flexibility in my right hip & lower back.  She explained the techniques she would use beforehand, and adjusted her treatment according to my feedback.

I am very happy to recommend Stephanie's massages.