What’s Involved?

Please note that each client receives individualized attention and treatment to affect underlying causes, not just symptoms.*

Your comfort and needs deserve careful consideration and accommodation. Your first appointment includes a thorough initial consultation, in which we’ll cover your medical history and goals for massage treatment. Please plan additional time for this.

Please advise me of your medical status. Include details such as surgeries, medications, allergies, injuries, pregnancy, chronic pain/dysfunction, trauma, or any other health specifics (even if it seems irrelevant, you’d be surprised what a good therapeutic intention can do!).

If you’ve had past experience receiving massage, I’d love to hear about what you loved and what you could do without. Massage therapy is both an art and a science. While my extensive education & training focuses and illuminates my intuition, your perceptions & preferences inform my choices to assure optimal results for your individual needs.

With techniques pulled from a variety of modalities, I use palms, soft-fists, knuckles, fingers, fore·arms, and elbows to customize treatment for your sensitivities & sensibilities. Some situations involve oil to reduce friction for skin-on-skin contact, while other circumstances may call for “dry” techniques including simply working thru a sheet or clothing.

My approach to massage creates the most benefit only when it’s pain-free, so you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the experience and the ongoing rewards of improved health. Even deep tissue work needn’t hurt!

I welcome inquiries. Call for a free consultation to discuss how we can team up to best create a massage treatment plan to suit your needs. Let me know your situation, what needs attention, and how much time you have, and we’ll work from there!

Are you ready to feel great? Give me a call now.

*Please note also that massage therapy precludes diagnosis. For diagnosis of any specific medical conditions, please consult a physician. I am happy to work with your doctor to complement your treatment.