easy-peezy pricing
just $1/minute + $10
15min — $25
30min — $40
45min — $55
60min — $70
75min — $85
90min — $100
120min — $130

and get 10 minutes more!

Refer a new client to me,
and I'll give both of you 10 minutes more on your next massage
for FREE!

This could mean that little bit more time you need for a trouble area,
or a blissful extra for another area such as head, hands, or feet.

And it simply adds up!
Just think, if you refer five clients in a month,
that's an additional 50-minutes for you!
So you could pay for a 10-minute massage
and still receive a full hour treatment!

So, since everyBODY needs massage,
do you know anyBODY on Staten Island
who would benefit from a Remedy Rub massage?
I'm sure you do!

gift certificates available

call for an appointment today!